Sunday, May 24, 2009


Arthur and his team of brickies have been on-site all this week. By weeks end they look to be about 3/4 finished.
I think the bricks look OK although Rita was concerned about the inclusion of alot of brown bricks that seem to be from a different range. We raised the query (as did the brickie) with our SS but he and the rep deemed them OK. I actually think it breaks the brick work up abit.
I'm a bit nervous about the brick column / double timber post combination and low nib wall (just started) as it's one of my inputs to the design. We are still not 100% on what should be rendered and what should stay brick.
Luckily the builder has not used a cheaper brick for the bits that we nominated to be rendered, allowing us to change our minds. (they love that).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Work in progress

Sunday, May 17, 2009


We've been very busy since my last entry as we moved from our home of 13 years to a small rental. Not something you want to do too often.
As far as the house goes things have slowed a little as the builder had a few issues obtaining the framing approval.
We are still working thru a few things with the builder but the framing payment has been paid and we're off again.
As you can see the windows were delivered and installed this last week.
The front facade are timber casements which look great (I think) especially the 3 panel upstairs bedroom windows which look similar to a lot of the older houses in our area.
We also forgot to change the entry door side lights to frosted glass so we'll fix that later.
The remainder of the house are aluminium. All are double glazed.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


From the outside the progress this week doesn't look as dramatic as the previous 2 or 3 but things are still moving along despite the cold wet weather.
The most noticeable addition are the roof trusses but also the plumbers came in to do their 'rough in' which has all the hot n cold water lines, waste pipes and gas lines in.
We also had an independent inspection carried which has highlighted a few issues particularly with the steel work so will be following that up.
Here's this week photo - although a little dark you can see double timber columns at the front that will sit on the brick columns. There is a 3rd one just out of shot to the left. The gable at top front is taking shape.
The 6 wide stud in the garage is temporary as the beam that will eventually span the openning sits on brick columns (yet to be constructed).
oh and of course another apearance of the Small Geelong Supporter (SGS) laying claim to a bedroom apparantly?