Thursday, August 18, 2011

TV wall points

A guy came in and installed the antenna and 2 points which matched the electrical outlet on the left (click on cover), all good.
I then called them back a year later to install the remaining 6 points and a different bloke turned up and installed different face plates as per the photo. They are also a different shade of white.
Unfortunately I didn't notice the difference untill I'd paid and now they refuse to change them saying "you should have told us you wanted them to match" - real smart.
I won't be recommending Antennas Installed Today to anyone - Fail

Crap workmanship

It's time we started outing some of the shit tradies / workmanship / business's that we've encounted whilst building this house and we've had quite a few thru the front door.

We still have pending action, so outing those will follow with time.