Sunday, April 26, 2009


For those also building, I've noticed a couple of thingswith our frame that I wasn't expecting.
Firstly most of the downstairs studs seem to be factory joined, ie. not one length of timber.
Secondly the sales rep for NDH said stud spacing would be 450mm. Well downstairs is but upstairs is 600?
A builder friend claimed both of these are normal practice.


It’s been a busy and eventful week this week.
The builders have started upstairs with the framing.
They had a bit of drama mid week when a nut-case from up the street took exception to the noise from the generator being used which resulted in the Police having to sort him out. What sort a neighbourhood are we moving too?
All seems to be fine now (back on his medication)
We also settled on the sale of our current house which is great news financially but also means we have 2 weeks to find a rental.
Rita has been looking and has been finding it depressing. It is appalling the condition of some properties but they still ask full market rental. Anything in reasonable condition has a queue of prospective tenants. The other annoying part of the procedure is having to deal with the rental agents who almost never return a phone call and often just don’t show to appointments.
The good news is that we have been accepted for a tidy house close to the kids school and footy club and the landlord is a nice bloke we know.
It all happening!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


The framing for the first floor has been completed in 3 days.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Before Luke had a chance to skateboard on the newly completed slab the framers arrived and went to work. Ben took this photo at the completion of day 1 showing the rear family room wall and the opening for the big double slider.


Nothing to do with the house but check out the views and weather we had to put up with over the Easter break up at the Grampians.


Here is a shot of the finished slab showing the recesses of the garage, entry and veranda (and the dodgy side fence)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Thursday the 9th April: First thing this morning the slab got poured. Before it drys we'll try and put a 2009 $2 coin in the concrete as a date stamp.


After a week down time Monday saw the Concreters arrive and proceed to excavate the edge beams and put in the 2m deep tree root barrier which will prevent roots from the big gum behind our block disturbing the slab.

The trenches show about 600 deep of silty sand over clay which means generally easy digging.

By mid afternoon today (Wednesday) the slab was boxed up and ready for the concrete pour tommorrow. The weather looks good for next few days as well which is good for the curing of the concrete and good for us as we are off camping up the bush over easter.

We can now certainly get a feel for the size and shape of the house and the area left for the back yard.