Sunday, July 19, 2009


First it was the bloke from down the street now we find that we are living next door to what may turn out to be the neighbour from hell.
Our neighbours son (30 -40 y.o.) yelled at me to stop hammering (inside my roof space) as he was trying to sleep at 4:45 Saturday afternoon. So I did.
This morning I got to the house at 10:15 and began moving the bricks in my front yard to make way for a in-ground water tank we plan to put in, next thing he leans over the fence yelling and screaming ordering me to stop making noise. I told him to calm down, stop swearing at which point he ripped the trellis off the top of the fence and stormed off.
It has sort of taken a bit of the shine off looking forward to moving in. We are a bit scared what he may do next.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


A week of wet weather stalled things at the house but things have started moving again. Since my last post the ducted heater and ducting has gone in along with the electrical wiring, ducted vacuum and most of the insulation. John and I put in all the data cable, surround sound cables, foxtel cable and extra phone and TV points over the weekend.
We also went out and bought a fire place and 8 ceiling fans so the credit card is maxed out.
We are still have a couple of issues with the builder that have yet to be resolved. (one being who is going to pay for the repaint).
The roofer has finally turned up to finish the roof on the single story parts of the house which will trigger the lock-up payment (a big one).